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The mountain pass knitting printing and dyeing Ltd. to be located in Dai Yue District keeps Tai An City Lu Yi down , owns self-run import and export Tentatively, be new Lu Yi Corp. core enterprise , have the branch company , main life weaving a branch company and dyeing a round number as subordinates Moving producing combing entire cotton blending intertexture encloses thread (jacquard weave thread) , keeps warm three tiers cotton , elastic force Luo Various flower type grey cloth such as lines , linter , sweat cloth , Huafuge , single face fine hair. Weave equipment all secondary Hundred dragons of Taiwan , Japan good fortune sources , morals companies such as music , Korea Republic Han Xin of Germany introduce , dye entire equipment secondary Hong Kong erects message producing entrance , the tentering finalization of design production line introduces to from Taiwan force , production facility is advanced,The technology strength tremendous , has become one of maximal dyeing of eastern China.

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