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Luyi Group is founded on July , 2000Be enterprise's turn to own 98,600,000 yuan of total assets , the year

Foreign exchange earning through exports 20 million that U. S. dollar, is that Tai An City is maximal one my people camp import and export enterprise, is enterprise's turn

Persist in "taking person as China who develops guiding principle , attaches importance to talented person introduce to , cultivates , successively complying with all the time

Spinning and weaving university , Tongji University , Shan Dong University , Xi'an spin weaving an academy waiting for famous brand universities and colleges to introduce every

Be similar to many names of foreign trade professional.

That company is managed except that the country sets a limit to a company or is forbids import and export commodity and the technology outside , the others

    ADDChina East the Tai'an high-tech development zone the area starts an
undertaking the JuLing road
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